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Getting Started-For New & Returning Dolphins

See below for a general overview about playing on a team at Pali.


Many players play lacrosse year round, unless they are involved in another sports program. Tryouts are typically held in January with the main CIF season running end of February through mid May. Many also participate in Fall Ball & Box Lacrosse (Boys) programs offered by Pali Coaches leading up to the season. 


Contact the Boys Head Coach or Girls Head Coach to get more information about summer training opportunities, Fall Ball and trying out for the 2023-24 season. Contact for additional questions or to support the program. For info about becoming a Team Manager, scroll down or Click Here.

Contact Coach

New Players: Please contact Coach Bucchino (Boys) or Coach O’Connell (Girls) and your counselor to request PE credit. Both coaches offer some off-season training with Fall, Winter and Summer sessions that are optional but highly recommended.

Returning Players: Make sure you're set up on Team Snap and that we have correct emails and cell contacts for you and at least 1 parent/guardian. 

Athletic Clearance/Physicals

ALL (New & Returning) Athletes and Parents/Guardians of athletes must complete their Athletic Clearance in order to play during the season. 

  1. Read through the Pali Athletic Clearance Packet and print out necessary forms (Physician form, OTC Medication form, Emergency Card) 

  2. Schedule an appointment with player's physician so they can complete the Physician form and OTC Medication form (if necessary). All players must have a physical each year they play and physical can not expire during the season.

  3. Create an account at or log back into to complete your clearance including uploading signed physician form. You cannot be cleared without it.

  4. Email a completed Emergency card to your coach. All other forms must be completed, signed then uploaded during the clearance process.

Check Pali's Athletic Home page for full details on Athletic clearance process.​


Costs & Fundraising

Running a quality lacrosse program is extremely expensive,  yet school funding only covers a portion of the costs.  


We ask that every family donate or raise their fair share to help cover the expense of coaching, equipment, uniforms and transportation, etc.. The amount varies each year and is requested by time of registration. The requested player contribution is determined by the projected costs and results of pre-season fundraising through Snap!Raise, merchandise sales and other programs. 

​Please see our Support page for the many ways to get involved and support our program leading up to and throughout the season.  

Player Contract

We ask each player to understand and acknowledge the commitment they are making to Pali lacrosse by signing the Player Contract due at registration. Pali Lacrosse abides by all of Pali's standards of conduct as outlined in Pali High's Athletic Handbook.  

Physical Condition

Lacrosse is a physically-demanding sport and players are expected to be in
physical condition to play their position. This will be evaluated based on practice and game performance.


The coaches recommend getting in condition before the season with running, strength training and other physical training. Reach out to your coach for guidance and suggestions if you are not already participating in pre-season conditioning.  


Follow us on Instagram:  Boys IG and Girls IG

Team Managers

Team Manager Responsibilities (3 Varsity & 3 Junior Varsity)

  • Record stats during games. Stats include the following: goalie saves, ground balls, goals, assists, and face-off wins/loses.

  • Keeping track of the penalty clock and notifying both Pali and opposing when to be released. 

  • Communicate with officials throughout the game.

  • Arrive at all home games at least 30 minutes prior to start time. 

  • Attend all away games if possible. Team managers can ride the bus with the team to and from the games

  • Ensure there are end line balls, and store extra balls at the managers table. 

  • Communicate with coaching staff when needed.

Contact the Boys or Girls Head Coach to apply to be a Team Manager.

Team Manger
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